Becoming a member of the ESN Tilburg Alumni Association has numerous benefits! Like catching up with your friends over dinner or drinks, rediscovering Tilburg, joining various activities and supporting I*ESN. The membership costs 40 euros, for which you get:

  • Access to Carpe Noctem four times per year
  • Access to various drinks hosted by ESN Alumni Association and I*ESN Tilburg
  • Discount on dinner events
  • Discount on workshops
  • Opportunity to expand your network
  • A chance to reconnect with your old friends

However, there is more! When becoming a member of the ESN Tilburg Alumni Association, you automatically sponsor I*ESN Tilburg. A percentage of your membership fee goes directly to them. You will also get the opportunity to donate throughout the year. Now is your chance to pay them back for all those amazing memories, nights and experiences!